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The Reliant

Playing October 24, 2019

Check your local theaters soon for advanced tickets. Some theaters have luxury seating and have limited space. Those theaters are expected to sell out as some have 1 showing only.

Advance tickets and seat reservations can be bought on-line
(Merchant fee applies) Click HERE

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"The Reliant" as an Evangelistic Tool

News: Producer: Guns portrayed in good light gets 'R' rating [P]

AR-15 give-away, IMPORTANT message from Dr. Johnston

Latest Trailer:

Honors the Lord
Is Family-Friendly
Has an Unpredictable Plot
Has Heart-Pounding Action
Has an Amazing Score and Original Songs
Winsomely Upholds the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Promotes Redemption and Forgiveness through Jesus

The Movie has WON:
  • Best Of The Fest - Inspired Faith Film Festival
  • Best Of The Fest - Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
  • Best FullFeature Film - Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
  • Best Score" - Freedom Festival International
  • Best Actor (Brian Bosworth) - Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
  • Best Actor (Kevin Sorbo) - Best Actor Award
  • Best Producer(S) - Great Lakes Christian Film Festival
  • Bronze Finalist, James Everingham Score, Global Music Awards
  • Finalist, Best Feature, Out of the Can Film Festival, United Kingdom

    Over 20 Nominations, Including Nominations for Actors Mollee Gray, Julia Denton, Blake Burt, Eric Roberts, Best Cinematography, Best Lighting, Etc.

    In addition, The Reliant a FINALIST at:
    the Content19 Film Festival
    We've been honored with "Official Selection" status and
    "Nominee" status at over a dozen other festivals, so far.

    "The Reliant" is truly is unlike any film you've ever seen!

    THE RELIANT - faith-based action movie starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts, Mollee Gray, and the Benham Brothers from Anna Johnston on Vimeo.

    Original Promotional Video:

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