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Common Core-ruption by Project Veritas

Breaking News:
Florida to Expel Failed Common Core

Communist/Common Core – Eliminates Choices

With Audio interview - Talking Education Issues with Dr. Duke Pesta

Common Core Supporters Offer Yet Another Sad Defense of Failed Standards [P]

Accuracy in Academia - Rethinking Federal Intervention in K-12 Education

Bill Gates, UNESCO, Common Core And Failing Government Schools

Is DeVos' claim that Common Core is dead true?

Government schools intentionally making children dumber?

War on Home Schooling - WV officials push Common Core, reject Tim Tebow bill

Common Core Foes Are Really Worried About Trump’s Ed Sec Choice, Betsy DeVos

A Common Core math problem solved, but not with their method

Old Math vs. Common Core Math:

Does Common Core teach critical thinking? The result:

Origins of Common Core --- Commentary


Truth in American Education

Dr. Duke Pesta, Truth in American Education

Freedom Project Acedemy -

Common Core-Killing Ballot Measure Torpedoed In Massachusetts

Orwellian nightmare unleashed on schoolkids [P]

End Common Core Massachusetts

Common Core Forum

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