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Trump Derangement Syndrome

(Caution: Language)


Things then seemed like they were headed for a brawl with Cuomo threatened the guy with throwing him down the stairs (click “expand”):

MAN 1: I don’t have a problem with you man.

CUOMO: You’re going to have a fucking problem.

MAN 1: What? What are you going to do about it?

CUOMO: I’ll fucking ruin your shit. I’ll fucking throw you down these stairs like a fucking punk.

MAN 1: Please do.

CUOMO: Why, so you can fucking sue?

MAN 1: You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to do that.

CUOMO: So you can fucking sue?

MAN 1: But why don’t you do that then?

CUOMO: Then take a fucking swing. You want to call me Fredo then take a fucking swing.

MAN 1: I’m not going to take a swing at you.

CUOMO (presumably at Man 2): Watch your fucking hands.

“Take a swing. No, no. Come on boy. You want to call me shit, call me shit then. I’m right fucking here,” Cuomo continued to taunt. “I’ll fucking wreck your shit. I’ll fucking wreck your shit.” Seconds later, the argument was broken up.

The video went viral moments after it hit Twitter. Responding to a snarky tweet from Donald Trump Jr., CNN spokesperson Matt Dornic declared that the network completely supported Cuomo. “Chris Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated setup. We completely support him,” he wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, Dornic took a swipe at Trump Jr.’s younger brother, tweeting: “Speaking of dumb brothers.... cc: @EricTrump”. Effectively demonstrating what kind of people CNN hire.

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig got in on the action and threw his support behind the raging Cuomo. “Somebody threw an ethnic slur at @ChrisCuomo. I defend every damn word he says here,” he tweeted. Again, Fredo was not an ethnic slur.

Speaking of Trump Jr., Cuomo had zero problems with CNN commentator and former Republican Ana Navarro referring to the President’s son as “Fredo” back in January. In fact, the Twitter account for his show promoted it.

And, for the record, Cuomo Prime Time is on hiatus this week with Cuomo on vacation, so there wasn't a chance for Cuomo to chime in.

The transcript is below, click "expand" to read. Again, there is very strong language used, so caution:

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