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The Supreme Court Must Uphold Abortion Limits

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This week, The Center for Medical Progress released a new video about the Supreme Court�s Dobbs v. Jackson case on Mississippi�s 15-week abortion limit, explaining why the Court must uphold state abortion limits. The video is based on the amicus curiae brief that CMP and its founder David Daleiden wrote and filed in the case, and highlights the disturbing facts from CMP�s undercover videos and investigative reporting on the trafficking of aborted infants, to argue:
�CMP�s undercover videos make this case simple�if a baby is old enough to be trafficked for body parts, he or she should be old enough to be protected from abortion by a state law.�

The new video also examines the tragic and lethal consequences that unlimited, legalized abortion has brought to American communities, such as the demand for late-term fetal organs, racist quotas for harvesting aborted fetuses for experiments, and the enabling of infanticide by pro-abortion government policies as in the Kermit Gosnell case.

CMP�s founder and president David Daleiden notes, �Top abortion industry leaders caught on undercover video admit in their own words that the babies in the womb whose human vulnerability is now before the Supreme Court are the most at risk for organ trafficking for experiments. There is only one answer the Supreme Court can give in the Dobbs case, which is to recognize the obvious, overriding constitutional interests the people of this country have in protecting infants in the womb from lethal abortion. The discriminatory, unequal, and violent treatment the Court once authorized toward so-called �pre-viability� human infants has led to tragic and lethal consequences for our communities, and it is totally inconsistent with who we are supposed to be as a country. Now at last is the time for a new and more humane way forward.�

The Center for Medical Progress

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Thank you for being involved, together in the fight,

David Daleiden,
Project Lead

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