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  • Agenda 21

  • UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN's Agenda for World Domination

    Climatological Warfare - kill 85% of world population

    Green New Deal Reveals The Naked Truth Of Agenda 21

    From Abortion To Euthanasia To Cremation To Human Composting

    Breaking news - Congressional plan would take U.S. out of U.N.

    What is Agenda 21?
    As a result of United Nations Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992, a 351 page document, Agenda 21, was produced.

    Edcucate yourself about the sinister Agenda 21

    Typical of Agenda 21 land grab - Sinister "perpetuity clause:"
    Farmland program turns 40 with 73,000 acres preserved across Massachusetts

    Massachusetts: Should the state do away with Chapter 40B? [PDF]

    Lord Monckton Agenda 21's Globalist Death Plan for Humanity


    American Policy Center

    Conservation Commissions - Usually made up of those who have their little piece of paradise and want surrounding land off limits to further development. The more land that is taken out of private hands, often with a "pertpetuity" clause in a deed that prevents future development, the more taxpayer funding is needed to "manage" the land. Much of it comes from CPA (see next abomination) money

    Community Preservation Act - Promise nice things to the town but have a real agenda of land grab and low income housing. The Delphi technique is heavily used in public meetings, when the citizens are told their input counts, but the CPA spending is pre-determined.

    Community Development Corporations (CDC) - the Soviet style bureaucracy.
    • Part of the new "plantation" that traps people in poverty while providing jobs and income for the bureaucrats who build and manage the properties or find new targets of opportunity.
    • Eventually, towns are loaded with these projects, dragging down the median income of the town, making the whole town undesirable. This is counter to their promised goals.
    • CDCs are often regional in nature. By spanning several towns, they become immune to town regulations.
    • They report and are responsible to no one because the law provides for their existence of being untouchable by the tax payers or even legistators. Others are formed for specific projects yet still skirt community control.
    • For instance, in Massachusetts, CDCs are needed "due to the critical shortage of housing in the commonwealth that is affordable to persons of low and moderate income, the preservation of existing and the creation of new housing that is affordable to persons of low and moderate income will enhance the fiscal health of the economy of the commonwealth"
      • Because the state consistantly raises the "poverty level," more are on state assistance. Becuase more people are on state assistance, they can't afford housing, so the state needs to create a method of providing housing. The more low income housing that is built, the deeper a community sinks into poverty. And so it goes around and around.
    • In Massachusetts, the law provides for the formation of CDCs with no input from taxpayers as to their mission or limitation on taxpayer impact.
    • "Public purpose: Section 1. The general court finds and declares that: (a) the commonwealth has already designated certain chronically depressed areas"
    • CDCs encroach on many towns that are not "chromically depressed."
    • Massachusetts General Law Part I, Title VII, Chapter 40H
      Note Section 3 which provides for board members and their payment. This is the Soviet style of those in power overseeing hundreds of subjects. It's counter productive to raise a community out of poverty becasue it would obviate the need for CDCs.
    One city's story: Holyoke, Mass. OKs $713K in Community Preservation Act funding
    In their first year, they're already doing a land grab and low income housing projects

    Despite opposition from elected offidials and the public, CDC projects are pushed through. This low-income projects now a finished reality: Affordable housing project in Easthampton faces opposition from city councilors

    'Lumberyard' affordable housing in Northampton wins $5 million from state

    High-density Low Income Housing a Huge problem when disaster strikes. Fires displace dozens, if not hundreds requiring even more State bureaucracy to seek other housing for victims
    Cause of Powdermill Village Apartments fire in Westfield released

    Example from

    Happened twice here: Meadowbrook Apartments tenants displaced by fire to stay in local hotels until Northampton housing units are habitable

    State blocks rebuilding of burned-down home [P]

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