It takes 500,000 lbs of materials to produce one 1,000 lb electric car battery

He points out that electric vehicles (EVs) do not eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, but instead, EVs export CO2 emissions to the production chain. “You have to dig up about 500,000 pounds of materials to make a single 1,000-pound battery,” he explains. “It takes 100 to 300 barrels of oil to manufacture a battery that can hold one barrel of oil equivalent of energy. Just manufacturing the battery can have a carbon debt ranging from 10 tons to 40 tons of CO2, and the plans that are in place to increase the use of batteries will require an increase of minerals like lithium, cobalt, and zinc. Demand for those minerals will increase between 400 percent and 4,000 percent. There isn’t enough mining in the world to make enough batteries for that many people for their cars.”

Story source: American Thinker

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