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Common Core-ruption by Project Veritas

Breaking News:
Study Shows "Historic Declines" In U.S. Math and Reading Since Common Core

Video: Is this the result of CC math? Critical non-thinking?

Gov vows end, not just rebranding, of Common Core

Common Core blamed for nation's bad 'report card'

First Common Core High School Grads Worst-Prepared For College In 15 Years

Florida to Expel Failed Common Core

Related - Navy SEAL who oversaw bin Laden raid says America's biggest national security issue is the K-12 education system

Communist/Common Core - Eliminates Choices

With Audio interview - Talking Education Issues with Dr. Duke Pesta

Common Core Supporters Offer Yet Another Sad Defense of Failed Standards [P]

Accuracy in Academia - Rethinking Federal Intervention in K-12 Education

Bill Gates, UNESCO, Common Core And Failing Government Schools

Is DeVos' claim that Common Core is dead true?

Government schools intentionally making children dumber?

Dumb and dumber 'Populist Left' YouTuber Mystified By the Sight of Farms

War on Home Schooling - WV officials push Common Core, reject Tim Tebow bill

Common Core Foes Are Really Worried About Trump's Ed Sec Choice, Betsy DeVos

A Common Core math problem solved, but not with their method

Old Math vs. Common Core Math:

Does Common Core teach critical thinking? The result:

Origins of Common Core --- Commentary


Truth in American Education

Dr. Duke Pesta, Truth in American Education

Freedom Project Acedemy -

Common Core-Killing Ballot Measure Torpedoed In Massachusetts

End Common Core Massachusetts

Common Core Forum

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