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After years of denial and deliberate deceipt by the liberal agenda,

the forced use of Ethanol in gasoline is being exposed for the rope-a-dope that it is.
Well, almost.

from Detroit Public TV, first aired in October of 2016

Ethanol made from corn:
  • pollutes the air way worse than gasoline because of the planting, farming, reaping, transportation and distillation energy needed to make the alcohol
  • is causing a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico due to run-off into the Mississippi from fertilizers
  • Both depletes and contaminates the ground water with pesticides and herbicides
  • is using corn for fuel instead of for food
  • Is heavily subsidized by the tax payers, either in taxes collected or funny money that's printed
The show talks about removing the ethanol fuel mandate, but also talks about removing the 10% cap as mixed with gasoline.
That idea is fine, proposing that the law should allow any amount of alcohol in gasoline. But, what they neglect to address is:
  • that it should not be subsidized in its production
  • that 100% gasoline should be allowed again. Engines run better, get better gas mileage and therefore pollute less.
Then, the free market would determine what the consumer prefers to put in their vehicles.

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