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Video: 'OUTRAGE': Surveillance Video Shows 15-Year-Old Girl Savagely Beaten, Robbed by Teen Mob in Brooklyn - Animals, deserve to be dispatched of forthwith

Let's see if they milk this one - video dispels 'lynching' claims in death of black man

‘White pride’ hoax: Woman arrested for ‘pulling a Jussie Smollett’ [PDF]

Oregon Politician Wrote Fake Racist Letter To Himself

With Video: Another Hoax? Mississippi Man Arrested For Insurance Fraud Following Reports of 'Racist Graffiti' on Vehicles

2019 Hoaxes of the year

16 YO girl on video apparently kidnapped in front of her mother staged the whole thing

12-Year-old black girl apologizes for concocting race hoax
now it's the left-wing media's turn

Black girl who accused white students of cutting her hair made the whole thing up [PDF]

Girl Who Claimed 3 White Boys Attacked Her Admits to Making it All Up

Ahmaud Arbery

Video: Ahmaud Arbery arrested for Stealing a TV from a WALMART

Video: Arbery Was NOT Jogging, Caught on Camera Committing Crimes

Video: Ahmaud Arbery Video (the Jogger) from a Previous Police Incident (2017)

Video: News In Arbery Case Shows Police Enlisted McMichaels Help DIRECTLY

Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman sues Buttigieg and Warren for defamation [PDF]

With video trailer: More on "The Trayvon Hoax"

The Trayvon Hoax – a Fraud on America - Related PDF

Another Smollett-style fake hate crime blaming MAGA busted

Exposing the Trayvon Martin Hoax [P]

Trayvon Martin’s Mom Just Can’t Stop Lying About Her Son’s Death

Jussie Smollett

Federal Judge Throws Out Jussie Smollett's Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit

Illinois Supreme Court has some bad news for Jussie Smollett [PDF]

Attorney for Nigerian Brothers Say They Will Testify Against Jussie Smollett

Actor Jussie Smollett Due For Arraignment In Chicago On Hoax Charges

Finally: Jussie Smollett Indicted Over False Hate Crime Attack By Special Prosecutor;
Ex-‘Empire’ Star Back To Court
[PDF] - Video

BUSTED: Jussie Smollett Wrote The Racist Letter
That Led To The Alleged Fake Hate Crime Against Him

Pants Up! Don't Shoot! was a LIE!

Where are the News Media and Sharpton's apologies?

If ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Is a Myth Why Do So Many Black Americans Believe It? [P]

Hands Up, don't shoot was a LIE

Black Lives Matter? I want off the plantation

Another Hate Crime Hoax On Campus [P]

The 7 Worst Examples of Fake News From the Mainstream Media [P]

CBS News accused of misleading report on racially charged Facebook Live beating
Disturbing Lessons from the Chicago Beating [P]

Shame! Shame on the rioters of Ferguson

Pants Up! Don't Loot! (I dindunuffin)

Words of wisdom:

With Morons like these, it's no wonder the murder rates are so high.
This is what social liberalism has spawned. God help us all:

Any questions?
On July 4th 2019 at approximately 9:05pm a large group of juveniles took over South Street in Philadelphia, Pa. Members of the group damaged private property, assaulted people, and robbed the Walgreens store located at 1800 South Street. This is scanner audio from our Broadcastify feed of "Philadelphia Police Dispatch - South" (, along with videos of one assault and the robbery.
Philadelphia Police - Wanted: Suspects for Commercial Robbery in the 17th District
PHL Scanner Feeds, Facebook -

Ex-cop exposes truth about Michael Brown shooting

BLM leader robbed by black mugger – calls for more cops [P]

Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think

Black Lies Murder [PDF]

Judge rips felon: 'Black lives don't matter to black people with guns' [P]

The Biggest Idiots in Politics: The #Blacklivesmatter Protesters [P]

Progressive Outlet Accidentally Proves Blue States Have 42 Percent More Mass Shootings

To the two little boys liberal media can't care about: You matter