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Natural Families - the eco-system of humanity:

Declaration of the Natural Life Movement

  1. The universal values of all humanity are grounded in the natural order of Creation.

  2. The foundation of civilization is the natural family: a man and a woman created to join together as one flesh to bear and raise children together with mutual love and nurturing.

  3. The true strength of a healthy nation is a network of natural families organized into natural communities which create stability and economic independence through mutual cooperation.

  4. The community which sets the best interest of its children as its highest priority guarantees the highest level of security, prosperity and happiness for everyone.

  5. A child�s best interest is to be raised in harmony with the natural world and respect for the God who created it.

  6. The natural-life society allows for beliefs and practices that do not conform to majority views, and practices tolerance for those who respect the mainstream culture but choose to live outside of it. It also recognizes the value of technology that compliments the natural order without doing harm to it.

  7. The natural lifestyle simply prefers the natural to the artificial as a general, flexible principle:
    • Natural foods as contrasted to artificial, genetically modified, or pesticide tainted foods,
    • Natural healing as contrasted with artificial chemicals and processes,
    • Natural persons as contrasted with �legal persons� such as corporations, robots, and �transhumans.�
    • Natural families as contrasted with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or polyamorous groupings,
    • Natural communities made of independent, self-sufficient families as contrasted with forced urbanization and dependence on government.
It is the goal and purpose of the Natural Life Movement to improve the lives of all the people by promoting this Natural Life perspective as model for our society, its government and our neighbors across the world.

Drafted by Dr. Scott Lively, President, Defend the Family International, October 14, 2016, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
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