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Is This Obama’s Birth Certificate?

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Information on
President Obama's Birth Certificate

23:36 / 1:15:37 Full Press Conference Sheriff Joe Arpaio Barack Obama Birth Certificate July 17, 2012:

See for yourself: Here is the PDF file from the White House website in April of 2011:
Click Here to View

With in a few days of this document being posted by President Obama, it was suspected by several people to be a forgery.
He said more evidence is forthcoming.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office lead a comprehensive investigation, using independent document forensic experts, who came to the same conclusion: The Birth Certificate is a forgery.

He was 100% sure because they found the actual document, a real birth certificate from another person, which was ued to make the forgery.

They do not attempt to conclude where Obama was actually born. They only PROVE the document he released is a forged birth certificate.

That doesn't stop us, however, from asking:
  • Why did it take 3 years for Obama to produce his birth certificate. After all, $10 to a City Clerk in Hawaii is all that is needed.
  • For what reason would someone running for President make a forged document? Is it an attempt "prove" U.S. citizenship?
  • If he was not born in the U.S., then where? Would someone forge a document if a real one was in another U.S. city?
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