The current hurdles to putting more electric vehicles on the road

Even PBS ends up destroying the man-made EV model
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Fraught with problems:
  • They estimate that by 2030, half of new vwehicle sales will be electric (but will they?)
  • Exhaust emissions? Admits coal-fired plants still used to charge the cars
  • How to store solar and wind generated electric? Not practical now
  • "Range Anxiety" fear of running out of a charge while on a trip. Massive numbers of charging stations needed, even where there are many now
  • Suggests that Federally subsidized charging stations are needed to solve the problem, (at taxpayer expense, of course)
  • Cross-country driving not practical
  • Battery manufacturing, minerals, mines, pollution
  • lithium ion technology - complex supply chain issues, expensive, great demand for the required minerals:
  • Lithium - Argentina, Australia,
  • Cobalt from the Congo, child labor (10% of all cobalt from small mines using children)
  • Nickel from Russia
  • Lithium - mining issues, water intensive
  • Most batteries come from China, cornered the market. No real American companies producing, not on the horizon.

    They didn't get into the battery fires, which is a huge problem!