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Utopian Society as visualized by the Marxist Liberals fails
An experiment with mice. They have an ideal world set up for them:
  • All of the mice are treated equally
  • Plenty of space to grow
  • All get (free) housing
  • Unlimited supply of (free) food
  • Complete (and free) medical care
    And yet in a short time, just a few generations, the entire society of mice collapses.
    With an abundance of food, they turn on each other, killing their young.
    With an abundance of space, they crowd themselves unnecessarily together.
    Their society completely dies off.
    Sound familiar?

    The narrative is wrong, though, because it says this experiment shows the dangers of 'overpopulation.' However, the mice society, with everything needed to sustain growth, only used a fraction of the space provided and was never wanting of a single resource. They never became 'over populated.' and yet completely died off!

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