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Second Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Right to Keep and Bear Arms: We believe in the unqualified right of our citizens to keep and bear arms and in the Second Amendment's guarantee to individuals of that right.
    The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 asserted that, "the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the state".

    More than a Right, a Duty

    Judge Andrew Napolitano - In Defense of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms [P] No "Gun-free zones"
    When A Mass Shooter Opens Fire On An Unexpecting Congregation
    A little training and a few concealed carry in any public place can STOP a mass shooting before it starts

    Borderline Bar & Grill Survivor: ‘I Should Have Been Able To Be Armed’

    And finally: "The “Disarmament” Slogan" - Vladimir Lenin
    Sounds like the liberal gun-grabbing?

    Second Amendment News

    Nine year old competitive shooter taking the world by storm

    US Sen. Candidate Nick Freitas Dismantles the Left in Defense of the 2nd Amendment

    The Truth About the Second Amendment

    We don't apologize for telling the truth

    Founding Fathers and others on the meaning of the Second Amendment

    Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.: 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum

    Ted Cruz: The Constitution trumps public opinion

    Conservative Black Leaders on Democrats and the Second Amendment

    Banning "Assault weapons?" What do the heads full of mush say?

    Chicago Shot Clock - or, "tougher guns laws solve NOTHING!

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    How to Defend the Second Amendment

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    6 Reasons Why The AR-15 Is Actually Ideal For Self-Defense

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    The Coward Of Broward County, Deputy Scot Peterson 2nd Amendment at work in the L.A. Riots - [VIDEO]

    School Shooting: False Flag – What History Teaches Us

    Are Gun Control Restrictions Making Or Breaking The Law?

    Gun Free Zones Are Killing Fields

    Mother, daughter show real courage, perfect defense - [VIDEO]

    Are The School Shootings Being Used As A Tool To Disarm The Population?

    Trump Slams Gun Free Zones During Listening Session on School Shootings [P]

    Anti-Gun Celebs Gather For Golden Globes Under Protection Of Men With Guns

    2nd Amendment advocates cheer 'concealed carry' decision [P]

    Sheriff speaks the obvious: Media, society to blame for gun violence. - [VIDEO]

    Regulating Guns, by John Stossel [P]

    I’m a College Student and I Support Campus Carry. Here’s Why

    Mo Brooks Slams Media For Killing Republicans In New Ad - [VIDEO]

    Supreme Court Asked to Review Maryland’s Gun Ban

    NRA Hits Back at VA Congressman:
    “Self-Defense is a Right Shared by ALL Law-Abiding Americans!”

    What the Founding Fathers knew about Firearms Technology [PDF]

    Oops: The Daily Show Inadvertently Makes the Case Against Gun Free Zones

    What Modern Weapons Would The Founders Want Americans To Own?

    Comedian Steven Crowder Looks to Debunk ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control in Undercover Video - Plus view other 2A videos at end.

    Tennessee Passes Law for Legal Recourse Against "Gun Free Zones" [PDF]

    The Truth about AR-15s

    Exploiting Orlando: Netrorks Advance Anti-Gun Agenda By 8 to 1

    Above story Print page [P]

    You’ve Got to Read This Letter From an Orlando Victim’s Father

    Progressive Outlet Accidentally Proves Blue States Have 42 Percent More Mass Shootings

    SCOTUS Trashes Massachusetts Court Ruling On Stun Guns [P]

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