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For the Family, Boys and Girls Programs:

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American Heritage Girls - The Christian Alternative to the Left-leaning Girl Scouts

American Heritage Girls Website

The Girl Scouts, Why Not?

Trail Life U.S.A. - The Christian Alternative to the Boy Scouts

Blazing a Bible-based trail for boys

In third year, youth leadership group flourishes

8 reasons you should consider homeschooling [P]

For parents: Raising Real Men

NPR - Christian Teen Magazine 'Brio' Returns With A 'Biblical Worldview' - Subscribe

Cancel Subscription! - 'Highlights' kids mag caves to LGBT, adds 'gay' families

Another mag to boycott: Welcome to Seventeen's new LGBTQ page

Teen Vogue ‘Feminist’ Says It’s Ok If Men Get Fired Over False Harassment Claims

'Teen Vogue' promotion of teen promiscuity exposed

Teen Vogue encourages readers to buy vibrators and lube for the school year [PDF]

Their real goal is to promote homosexual sex between boys:
Teen Vogue - A GUIDE to Anal Sex - Caution, XXX rated

Petiton Demands Teen Vogue take down their Porn [P]

Never buy! - Teen Vogue under fire after promoting sodomy among teens [PDF]

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State AG to students: Religious expression is fundamental right

Homosexual agenda in Sex-ed, same in Canada, U.S.
Quebec forces sex ed, LGBT agenda on youngsters

Beware! - CNN Hypes Children's Book Portraying Santa as a Gay Man (With Video) - [P] text version

Speakers expose harsh reality of the "gay" agenda at local Texas pro-family conference

Parents Outraged After Guest LGBT Advocate Teaches Seventh Graders Explicit Sex Terms

School 'violates student privacy' with sex survey [P]

Heinous! - Parents 'livid' over graphic middle school sex-ed [P]

Franklin Graham to all churches: 'Pull out of Boy Scouts completely'


Related stories: - or in other words, What could go possibly wrong?

The U.K.'s Girl Scouts Say Male Adults Can Now Shower With Little Girls

Op-ed by Chanel Prunier - Hold-It Nation: Why Massachusetts Women Are As Vulnerable As One of Harvey Weinstein’s Starlets [PDF]

Girl Scouts Respond to Boy Scouts New Policy Allowing Girls and They’re Not Happy

Boy Scouts Of America To Admit Girls Into Some Programs

Girl Scouts Accuse Boy Scouts of Recruiting Girls, Souring Century-Old Friendship

Boy Scouts, church leaders accused of covering up admitted rapist for decades
Detailed account of First Baptist Church of Gainesville, Georgia HERE

Girl Scouts: How far they've fallen [P]

Parent Sues Over Transgendered Wrestler Competing With Girls

Scouts' gender move: Another anti-God curtsy

Girl Scouts: Planned Parenthood’s founder - ‘most inspiring women in American history’

What could possibly go wrong? - Boy Scouts to Start Accepting Transgender Boys [P]

Cub Scouts Facing Transgender Crisis [P]

Girl Scouts and PP team up for immoral sex ed

Homeschoolers prove markedly superior on SAT

Report by Mass. Family Institute:
Fatherlessness in Massachusetts - The Economic and Social Costs to Our Commonwealth

What could possibly go wrong? - Ex-Scout leader arraigned in alleged rapes

'Transgenders' get red carpet in Canada’s Girl Scouts, or Confused kids setting the rules

Tell the Girl Scouts: Stop Pushing Abortion on our Girls!

Girl Scout Cookies: Now That I Know, No Thank You

Boy Scouts Approaching Moral Collapse

'Gay' adults no threat? Think again ...

Homosexuals Mentoring Boys

What could possibly go wrong? - What could go wrong? Well, duh! 17 Former Connecticut Boy Scouts Allege Sexual Abuse

Former Christian camp counselor on Cape Cod withdraws molestation plea

Girls, Inc. - Every parent should ask them about this:
Why did Girls, Inc. recommend so many books about lesbians for the girls & their parents?

Information about all 50 States - Great Resource!

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