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"man is endowed by his creator with certain unalienable rights, that among those rights are life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness."

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They've Gone2Far!

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The Unified Field Theory:
Democrat + Homosexuality + Abortion

PA State Rep. Brian Sims (pictured on the left), Poster Boy ->

There is a clear link between leftist Democratic politics, the heinous abortion industry and the homosexual - transgender life style and agenda.
America Takes ‘Pride’ In The LGBTQ Agenda, Infanticide, Debauchery, & Destroying Those Who Stand For God

Brain Sims is the perfect example:
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Took you long enough:
Pro-Abortion Rep. Brian Sims Finally Apologizes Months After Harassing Pro-Life Teen Girls

Video: Where is Brian Sims? A Look at the Pro-Life Rally in Philadelphia

Video: Pro-Lifers Hit the Streets in Response to Brian Sims

1 hr. Video - Abby Johnson and others call out Brian Sims

A face-off in Philly to push back on a bully

25,000+ Sign Petition Demanding Sims Resign After Bullying & Doxxing Pro-Life Women

GoFundMe Sponsored by Father of Teens Sims Harassed nets 100K for Pro-Life Group

Sign the Petition - Rep. Brian Sims Should Resign for Harassing Pro-Life Woman

Dem who filmed himself harassing pro-lifers apologizes…for disrespecting Planned Parenthood policies [PDF]

Brian Sims Promises Democrats Not to Bully and Harass Pro-Lifers Again, So They Won’t Hold Him Accountable

Video: Brian Sims has own armed guard, not allowing public into his office

Brian Sims May Face Criminal Investigation for Harassing, Doxxing Pro-Life Women

Mom of Pro-Life Teens That Democrat Brian Sims Bullied: “I Was Concerned for My Girls”

Giant rally planned to confront Dem state rep who accosted elderly woman and pro-life teens praying for unborn babies

Facebook deletes Brian Sims video offering reward for personal info on pro-life prayer activists

See "gay" Democrat lawmaker fiercely pounce on elderly pro-lifer [P]

"Gay" Democrat Mocks, Harasses Christians For Praying Quietly On Sidewalk

Unhinged Anti-Life State Rep. Harasses Elderly Pro-life Woman Outside Planned Parenthood

Penn. State Rep. Abuses Elderly Pro-Life Advocate Outside Of A Planned Parenthood Clinic

Dem. Rep. Brian Sims Refuses to Apologize for Harassing, Doxxing Pro-Life Women

Father of Teen Girls Who Democrat Brian Sims Bullied: Grow Up and Quit Picking on Women

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims Harassing Peaceful Teenagers

Close Brian Sims Links

Peter BUTTigieg, poster boy 2nd place: Wrong about Religion, Homosexuality, and Abortion

Pro-Life Group Wants Pete Buttigieg Investigated Over Ties to Abortionist Who Kept 2,246 Aborted Babies

Michael Brown: Mayor Pete sits in judgment of God [PDF]

Honorable mention: abortion loving homosexual - Serious mental issue, needs serious prayer

Lesbian Episcopal priest: Abortion is a blessing “Throughout my career, I have preached that abortion is a blessing and that providers are modern-day saints and heroes, and I have seen firsthand how access to abortion can improve the lives and health of women and their families."
And how does it improve the life of the baby?

Read, listen: Planned Parenthood and the “Trans” Cult

Serious health hazards of Abortion and homo/trans/drag deathstyles:
The Michael Jackson Effect

Values Voters Summit Videos of event speakers, 2012 to current

Limbaugh: One man's transformation from leftist indoctrination to Conservative reality